Drawstring Bags

The eternally stylish accessory that still draws a crowd

Drawstring bags are back with a bang. This is due to consumers desiring sleek and minimal bags for their day-to-day activities. Make the most of the upsurge in popularity of this always stylish and multi-functional promotional product. Take advantage and make a real impact for your brand.


These bags provide a wide range of benefits that go way beyond their fashionable status.


Why pay for an expensive banner ad for a day or two when you can place your brand’s message into the lives of your customers for years to come. These bags are not only available at a cost-effective price to match any budget, but they provide the space to show off your brand in all its glory.


High durability means they act as a solution for many of your customers’ needs. Out for a quick run or a trip down the shops, they can protect users’ items from the rain and offer extra security by being fastened shut. The design and light-weight nature of these bags mean that they remain easy to carry while the user is active throughout their day.


No matter the design or style you want to achieve for your product there are options to bring it to life. With an expansive range of colours and a variety of materials to pick from, including fully-recycled, we can deliver a drawstring bag that is perfect for your activity and a brand.


We look forward to helping you make the most of this in vogue and powerful promotional item and making a real impact for your brand. We are always on hand to offer advice and knowledge.


To find out more or to place an order simply give us a call or contact us by email.