Drawstring bags come in a range of different materials- such as cotton, nylon, polyester and even recycled polypropylene. Since they are multi-functional in terms of their uses and come in pretty much every colour possible, they are great for promotional freebies- whatever the occasion!

One of the reasons they are particularly good, is due to the advertising space available to you. Some promotional giveaways are more limited for space, therefore you need to be innovative with your design and scaling- however, drawstring bags offer a large surface area to clearly advertise your brand. You can be creative with colours, your logo, design and include important information, without the hassle of having to cram it all on.

In terms of their value, drawstring bags are not expensive to buy and as they are multi-functional in terms of usage, you can pretty much guarantee the recipient will have use for it. Whilst products like pens and notebooks are by no means inferior, overall people tend to retain drawstring bags for longer. Perhaps this is because they are bigger, therefore not as easy to lose. But regardless, if they retain the bag for longer- this means they’ll be advertising your brand for longer, allowing you to make the most from your investment.

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