We Source

Once feedback is received from the customer, the selected item’s shape, colour, branding and finishes are decided upon. With the customer’s approval, the sample stage commences. Our bespoke specialist scouts for suitable factories to determine pricing and delivery timeframes. Once we have our client’s sign off of the product’s pricing, sample production commences and a finished sample is sent for client approval to ensure that the original design specifics have been met.


We Create

The first step is the design process. Time is taken to analyse current trends and styles that may relate to the bespoke item. After taking time to understand the needs,goals,budget and promotion dynamics , the Brand Impact team brainstorm ideas that meet both the marketing and design side of the client’s campaign. Our design team then come up with graphics to present to the customer of suggested bespoke products.


We Brand

Once the sample is approved, production commences. Our bespoke process doesn’t end there, we ensure the offshore factory meets our quality standards as well as keeping to the original timeline. Goods are then sea or air freighted depending on time constraints and budget.


We Deliver

Brand Impact have created many bespoke premiums from simple customer briefs or ideas. We are suppliers to some of Scotland’s largest companies and pride ourselves on always thinking, designing and sourcing products that inspire a greater brand awareness for our customers.