Our top 5 Picks for Conference Bag Giveaways!

Have you ever attended a conference that you thought was brilliant and then received a promotional bag at the end which let down the event? Or, have you ever been a conference where you’ve been bored out your mind and then proceeded to have the whole day topped off with useless giveaways? Perhaps you’re someone who has had to host a conference and been clueless as to what to fill the giveaway bags with. Regardless, I’m sure these issues have affected all of us at some point.
In this article, we’re going to be telling you a few of our favourite picks to fill your conference bags with and the reasons why! So, if you’re someone who is in any doubt about this, read on and hopefully we can help!

#1- Earphones

Firstly, if you’re going to fill your conference bag with anything, you need to make sure it’s going to be useful to your user. This brings us to our first suggested giveaway, earphones. Over 4.6 billion mobile phone users alone in the world and looking at the broader world of the gadgets- tablets, smart watches and so on- there’s over 7.2billion in world, which is more than the population of earth! Since pretty much every phone, tablet, computer and even smart watches have a headphone connection, earphones are the perfect promotional giveaway and you can guarantee they’ll go to good use! Whether you’re looking to keep it simple with silicon, or make more of a statement with metallic or coloured ones, at Brand Impact there’s over 50 to choose from, starting from just £1!



We won’t repeat everything we just said, but the fact that the rate of gadgets is growing faster than people- a USB giveaway should be screaming, “opportunity” at you! USB’s can be used by pretty much anyone and have multiple uses. You can use them to store important documents, pictures, music… the list is endless really! If you’re looking to get your company noticed, we have over 80 USB’S, in different colours and styles for you to choose from. These are definitely a great promotional item, so if you think this could be “USBFUL” to you, or would simply like more advice- give Brand Impact a call and we’ll be happy to help you out!



If you’re sitting there thinking this article is purely recommending technical goodies, you’re wrong. Whilst we do love our tech treats, we also value the importance of having a good, old fashioned, diary; and we don’t mean the one on your phone, we mean on that you can store in your pocket, or bag and pull out as and when needed. Diaries are a good way of keeping the conference classy, particularly if you’re addressing a more grown up audience. Many people like having a diary at hand, so they can jot down appointments, plan meetings or even just store creative thoughts/ideas that wander across their mind. Leather or desk diaries would be an ideal gift for a group of business professionals, whereas a smaller, easily carried pocket style diary would be more suitable to a group of manual labourers.


#4-Thermal Mug

Again, this promotional giveaway is a great way to get noticed. With conscious efforts being made to become an eco-friendlier world, these types of mug are becoming more popular, and unlike paper/plastic cups, they actually retain their heat! Since paper accounts for 25% of the world’s landfill the remaining space we have cannot last forever, which is why it’s important to act on it now. So take the first step, be eco-friendly as well as practical with this stylish promotional goody.


#5- Power Bank

Our final recommendation, takes us back to more technical side of promotional giveaways. Whilst the concept of these first originated between 2001-2003, it has only been in recent years they appear to have taken the worldwide market by storm. With thousands of new apps being created every year, our phone and tablet batteries are being put to use more than ever- and for many, will struggle to survive the day. *Enter the power bank*. Also known as portable chargers, these clever little items work by allowing you to store battery charge, which can later be used to charge another device i.e. a phone or a laptop. They are small and discreet so can be carried and utilised without any difficulty. Sticking your company logo, or phone number on one of these could be just the thing to help gain you the recognition you’re looking for. At Brand Impact we supply hundreds of different styles of power banks, in a range of prices- so if you’re looking to do a big promotional event or a smaller one, these could be the item for you!



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