What Does Your Retro Bag Say About You?

In terms of their shape, retro bags are similar (or identical!) to messenger bags. They are also rectangular, but are more often made from leather/leather look materials than fabric. Retro bags are often distinguished by their bright colours and logos, whereas messenger bags tend to be plainer. Retro bags have been around for a long time, but they have grown in popularity in recent years and are now viewed as ‘cool’ by many.

If you carry a retro bag, you’re probably a very outgoing person. Since retro bags are usually bright and bold with colour, they stand out from other bags in the crowd and make a great conversation piece. Often the colours people dress themselves in can say a lot about their personality, and bright, loud, happy colours (as seen on these bags) give off the impression of a friendly, outgoing personality.

You’re also probably quite ‘hip’. Since retro bags are ‘in’ at the moment, as someone who uses them you’re probably pretty fashionable, and up to date with the current trends. Lots of shops sell retro bags nowadays, and one of the great things about them is that they are unisex. Some bags, such as leather handbags and tote bags, can give of a feminine vibe, but retro bags are widely used by both females and males, so appeal to a wide audience.

‘Young’. Whilst there are definitely no age restrictions on any style of bag, these bags seem to be more highly favoured by the younger generation. I rarely see older adults carrying retro bags, but I have seen a lot of students and young workers carrying them. As youngsters, it’s natural to go through different fashion phases – whether it was flared jeans back in 2005, to the contouring phenomenon of 2015 – we all try out new trends in our youth. Perhaps this is why these bright bags are more popular amongst that generation?


Overall, retro bags make a great fashion accessory. They are practical, fairly spacious and durable. Since most retro bags are leather or leather look material, this means they are easy to wipe if you spill anything on them (a benefit we don’t always have with other fabrics). If you’re someone who carries a retro bag often, do you agree with our thoughts on what it says about your personality? Contact theteam@brandimpact365.com to share your thoughts with us, or find out more about some of the retro bags we offer!

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