Promotional Products- All you need to know!


Do you own or want to start a business? Have you heard of or seen people using promotional merchandise, but not known enough about it to do so yourself? Stop what you’re doing, take a break and sit down and read this blog, because we’re here to tell you everything you need to know about promotional products!

What is a Promotional Product?

So when you hear someone talking about a promotional product, they are usually referring to an item which has been printed with a company name, logo, design, phone number and so forth.


Who purchases Promotional Products?

Promotional products can be purchased by virtually any company; from large multinationals to self-employed entrepreneurs, in any industry. However, in saying that there are industries who purchase promotional products more than others. The top 5 highest ranking purchasers are from the #1 Education Sector, #2-Financial Sector, #3-Health Care, 4#- Not-for-profit organisations and 5#- Construction.


Which- promotional products are the most popular?

Although the type of product/s a company chooses in their promotion will very much depend on factors such as what target audience are they aiming at, budget and industry, the most popular type of promotional giveaway is clothing garments. For example, tops, headwear and uniforms. There’s lots of freedom with regards to colour, material and design, so you can personalise them until the suit your style. Writing utensils have also proved particularly popular i.e. pens and pencils, all you need to do is think about a past conference or seminar you’ve attended, I guarantee you’ve had pens given to you at some point! Another popular giveaway is Calendars, not just wall calendars but desk ones too. These are a great way for companies to make themselves memorable, because if you’re someone who has a busy schedule- you’re likely to check your calendar frequently and in doing so, be taking in information about the company too. Perhaps they have a different bit offer


Where- can promotional products be dispatched?

There’s no set rules about where one should hand out promotional items. Some people may choose to opt for a busy area of town and hand out smaller giveaways, whereas other companies may opt for a more upmarket option of hiring a venue for a conference/ event and giving all the attendees a goody bag of free company promo merchandise at the end. The location is entirely up to the business, but it is advisable to make sure you’re working with a heavily populated area- travelling to a rural town or village, with a small population is less likely to reap the rewards than the likes of a busy city such as Edinburgh.


When- can promotional products be used?

You may want to show an existing client you appreciate them, this is the perfect opportunity to gift them with a promotional item they’ll get use out of- for example, earphones. Or perhaps you’re looking to attract new clientele- this is also a prime opportunity to hand out promotional merchandise. Choose an item that’s been proven popular, print your company design and a contact number and/or email, and hand this out at the next event you’re attending.


Why- use a promotional item?

There are a huge number of benefits to be gained through the effective use of promotional products. For a start, 82.6% of people can recall the name of the company and brand on their promotional product. In addition to this 58% of people hold onto the promotional products they are given; this then opens outlets to get your brand even further recognised because a wider audience is going to see them using this product, which in turn can help drive more leads to your business. Promotional products can promote an overall more positive company image. If you’re company has taken the time, money and effort to equip new and existing customers with promotional merchandise; this demonstrates a level of commitment to their customers and can also help give them a competitive edge in their industry.


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