Which Promotional Clothing Should I Choose?

Promotional merchandise is seen as one of the most successful ways to promote your brand. Whether it be a pen, a bag or a USB, these useful products can effectively promote your brand for years to come. Promotional clothing is an increasingly popular alternative form of promotional merchandise to promote your brand which can be very effective.

Some of the main reasons for this increase in the use of promotional merchandise is the increase of awareness for fashion and the larger range of fashion items available to the promotional merchandise market.

Here are 5 of the most popular promotional clothing items out there and why you should choose them to promote your brand:


  1. T-shirts. Branded t-shirts are an effective, low cost option to promote your brand. They are available in ladies, gents, adults and kids sizes, numerous colours and materials. There are extensive branding options to the front, back and sleeves. They can be handy giveaways or used as a uniform. Why not even personalise your labels to make them unique?
  2. Hoodies. Hoodies, sweatshirts and zipped hoodies are all extremely popular and continue to be so in today’s market. They are fashionable and practical. There is a vast range of off the shelf options to choose from with many branding options. Bespoke options are available and allow you to create exactly what you are looking for. From the material to the branding options, to the accessories options. The bespoke clothing world is your oyster!
  3. Polo shirts. Branded polo shirts are a smart and corporate way to promote your brand. Embroidered polo shirts on the left breast can replace a name badge and look great as a uniform.  The range of colours, materials and fits can be explored to find something exactly right for your brand.
  4. Jackets. Let’s face it, in this country you are always going to need a jacket! A branded jacket across a workplace ensures unity, professionalism and can allow your staff to feel part of a team. It allows your brand to be out there continually being promoted. Jackets come in all variations from smart to casual with practical. Branding and accessory options are vast.
  5. Hats. There are numerous hat choices on the market. Whether it be a cap, beanie, bobble hat or another style, there are options for all companies at all times of the year. A hat is eye catching and useful. Bespoke or off the shelf options can allow you fantastic brand exposure and allows the wearers to feel a sense of unity as well as being fashionable. Hats can also be handy giveaways.

To get your promotional clothing right you need to know who will be wearing it. Promotional clothing is fantastic use of mobile advertising. There is a vast selection of different product options when it comes to promotional clothing, so we can guarantee there will be a product suitable for your brand. Whether you are looking for off the shelf garments or bespoke clothing, whatever your needs and ideas, Brand Impact are experienced in the promotional clothing industry and are here to help choose the right promotional clothing for your brand.


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