[et_pb_fullwidth_code admin_label=”Fullwidth Code” module_class=”bagsBoxLanding”]<!– [et_pb_line_break_holder] –>We believe it is right to try to reduce the number of plastic carriers in circulation even if we can have just a small impact on the amount of plastic bags thrown away which is estimated at 150 million per week just in the UK. <!– [et_pb_line_break_holder] –>A Tote Shopper Bag can come in many different shapes, sizes and materials. Brand Impact has been supplying mainly Cotton Tote Bags for many years and has vast experience in sourcing the right Reusable Tote bags to suit your needs. We can offer Reusable Tote Carrier Bags in either a colour of your choice with handles and printed in single to multi colours or we stock a wide range of coloured and natural Reusable Tote Shopping Bag in the popular shopper size of 38 x 42cm + 9cm or alternatively our flat 38 x 42cm which is our best seller.<!– [et_pb_line_break_holder] –><!– [et_pb_line_break_holder] –>When we print Reusable Tote Shopping Bags we are able to offer you the best service coupled with low prices and a fast delivery service. Our minimum order is just 100 bags for our stock product range or 1000 bags for a fully bespoke bag made to meet your exacting requirements.<!– [et_pb_line_break_holder] –>[/et_pb_fullwidth_code]

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