Let Promotional Clothing Promote You For Years to Come


Whilst the initial costs may be high, in terms of both finances and the efforts being put into your promotion; there’s no disputing that if done well, promotional clothing can work wonders for your brand even years after dispatching it.

Promotional clothing is not simply about making your logo as big as you can and sticking it on any garment. It’s so much more than that. It’s about creating a piece that someone will value enough to keep on a permanent basis, hanging alongside other prized possessions in their wardrobe or folded alongside their favourite t-shirt in their drawers.

If you want to create a valuable piece, making it unique is a good place to start. Your target audience are more likely to hold onto something if they deem it to be interesting and different to garments they have received in the past. Choosing an interesting style, colour, design and embroidery can be beneficial here, and of course, making sure the garment is of good quality. You don’t want people to wear the item for re decorating their house, you want them to wear it out of the house so it will catch peoples eye! It is important to keep your style, colours and so forth consistent. For example, giving away ‘x’ amount of blue tops with one design, then ‘x’ amount of green tops with a different design is simply going to confuse your audience and make it difficult for them to recall your brand.

By creating a piece that people want to wear, they become a walking (and cost-efficient) advertisement for your brand. After the initial cost of creating the merchandise, unlike marketing and advertising agencies, you don’t need to pay them to be advertising your brand. They do this for free, by simply walking around, wearing the garment you gave them. This then evokes a conversation starter, “oh, where did you get that t-shirt from?” “that’s a cool top, who gave you that?”, to which the user simply needs to reply with your company and boom, you’ve already left an impression through your eye catching piece of clothing!

According to the PPAI (Promotional Products Association International) the most popular category for giveaways is clothing and recipients keep the promotional products they are given for anywhere between one to four years. Now, whilst we must recognise that promotional products covers much more than just clothing, as clothing is the most popular type of giveaway, this means that even if someone was to wear their promotional t-shirt once a week, that’s a minimum of 52 times per year they go out and subconsciously advertise your brand. Since it’s likely that a lot more than one person is likely to notice the t-shirt on each occasion, this means you could be making an impression on hundreds, or potentially thousands of people.

Through ensuring your logo is clear and also including a clearly visible point of contact such as a telephone number or email, you are creating the opportunity for the individual to reach out to you and find out more about your services.

The best part of all this? The conversations you’ve sparked, the leads you’ve generated, the positive company image you have portrayed; has all been done through handing out a good quality promotional garment. You haven’t had to chase people up, you haven’t had to pay a marketing agency, you’ve simply invested in clothing, to invest in you as a brand.


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