Why ‘Hats’ Are Top Brand Boosters!

Are you looking for a simple, yet effective way to advertise your business? Branded headwear could be the answer. Branded headwear could be anything from a beanie, to a baseball cap, to a builder’s hat- there’s loads of different styles, colours and materials to choose from; so you can tailor them to suit your specific business needs. There’s a number of benefits to be gained through using Branded Headwear as part of your promotional activities, we’ve listed some of these below…

Unity– Matching headwear provides a sense of unity to all those who are wearing it. It embeds a strong sense of team unity, everyone is working for the same cause- whether it be to win a race or give a company presentation, it brings people together.


Evokes Interest- If you take the time to make sure you have a catchy message or eye catching design, naturally, people are going to look and take interest in what is being advertised. It can encourage people to ask questions about what you’re advertising? What company is it for? What do you do? What can you do for me? It may be a good idea to include a web address or contact number on the hat, so people can get in touch.


Share Your Culture– Using the right style of hat can help you deliver a message about you as a company. For example, a fun artistic company may go for a brightly coloured baseball cap, with an eye catching logo. Whereas a more serious style of business, such as a law firm may go for a darker coloured beanie style of hat, with a crisp and clean logo. Either way, choosing the right style of hat, colour and logo can speak volumes about you as a company.


Loyal Customers become Marketers- Word of mouth can go a long way. Whether they are happy with the outstanding service, product they have received, or both; they will be sure to share this with others. This presents an opportunity not to be missed; supplying a satisfied customer with branded headwear means that they are likely to walk around wearing this. This will strike up more conversations, and generate more interest in your business.


Uniformity- Providing staff with branded headwear, (most likely alongside other uniform) helps to maintain consistency in the work environment. Clientele will notice that staff are well presented and easy to identify, this helps the company look professional and is an encouraging sight for both new and returning clientele.


Handy Giveaways– Hats are practical and as mentioned in the introduction, there’s different styles that can be worn not only to suit your business but to suit the season. For the hotter summer months, a baseball or visor hat would be ideal, whereas in the chillier winter months- these can be replaced with beanie’s or beret’s.  


f you’re feeling inspired to get your hands on some branded headwear or would simply like more information, why not give us a call? We have a vast supply of headwear to choose from and an experienced team who would be happy to provide more advice or information on any of the headwear, or other products we supply. Brand today; boost tomorrow!

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