How To Choose The Right Bottle For Your Brand


If you’re looking to increase your business’ brand awareness and generate sales, promotional bottles are an ideal giveaway and here’s why…

The 2016 ASI Global Impressions Study, identified ‘usefulness’ as being the key reason 77% of people keep the promotional products that they receive.

Bottles fall into this category, their practical, come in different styles and can be used for pretty much any occasion i.e. sports events, leisure, work etc. If you gift someone with a branded bottle, you can pretty much guarantee they’ll hold onto it.

Promotional bottles can be used by both small and large businesses, for reasons such as to raise brand awareness, stimulate conversations, generate leads, or simply to promote a positive company image.

The most common form of giveaway is probably at promotional events or conferences, but some people opt for the simpler approach of simply standing on the street and gifting to passers-by. The beauty of bottles as giveaways, is that the power is in your hands where you want to dispatch it and to whom, as they are not a difficult or delicate item to transport anywhere.

Whilst choosing a bottle may seem simple, we’ve devised 3 questions that we suggest you consider before deciding which type of bottle you’re going to represent your brand with.

  1. Which type of bottle will be best suited for your target audience?
  2. In what quantity do you need the bottles?
  3. Have you got a budget in mind?

At Brand Impact, we supply a number of different styles of drinking bottle- we’ve given short descriptions of these below in order to help you make an informed decision on How to Choose The Right Bottle For Your Brand…

Metal Water Bottles

If you think a metal bottle is the right style for you, you then have the choice of whether or not you want to go for aluminium or stainless steel. This part really comes down to personal preference, as both styles have a long lasting shelf life. In other words, they can be re-used again and again, and again and still remain fully functioning.

The downfall of this style, whilst they are visually and tangibly appealing items, if they are dropped they can dent! However, the fact that they are long lasting items makes them suitable for all types of promotional activity- they don’t need to be tailored to one specific event, they can be used to promote the company as a whole. Why not use these for your next grand opening? Or perhaps for sale in your company shop?


Plastic Sport Bottles

Generally, these tend to be a lower cost option of promotion than other bottle materials (i.e. metals). We think that they are particularly suited to sporting, youth and fundraising events, as they are lightweight, easy to open and won’t dent when dropped.

They are unsuitable for hot liquids such as tea or coffee, but suitable for other types of cold beverage- most commonly water or dilution juice. At your next fundraiser or sporting event, why not consider these as a giveaway?


Acrylic Tumblers

If you’re wanting something colourful and fun looking these make great giveaways. Although acrylic is also not suitable for holding hot liquids, they are perfectly suited to holding cool drinks. Often they come with a straw, which not only makes them visually appealing, but practical too, as it keeps spillage to a minimum. If you want to go for something slightly different, these could also be used as giveaways at your next company sporting event?


Thermal/Travel Mugs

If you’re targeting your promotion at professionals, we think this would be the ideal method for you. Since the mugs are leak-proof and designed to hold hot beverages such as tea and coffee, they are the perfect, eco-friendly, answer for (the so many of us) that are caffeine driven individuals. Unlike paper cups, they retain their heat for longer, therefore the recipient can enjoy the beverage at their own pace. Since many people- whether they be driving, on foot, or on the bus- take a travel mug with them to work- this would be a great way to way to get your business noticed, as well as providing clientele with a long lasting and useful product. At your next conference, trade show or exhibition, why not treat your audience with a branded one of these?


So there you have it, 4 different styles – but limitless opportunities! Whilst different types of bottle tend to be best suited to different scenario’s (e.g. plastic bottles for sporting events), these recommendations are by no means prescriptive. You don’t need to stick to them rigidly! Giving out promotional merchandise to represent your brand should be an exciting and unique experience. You know your customers better than anyone and you also know how much you’re looking to spend, in addition to how much you’re looking to purchase- this means choosing the option that’s best for you.

We hope this article has been helpful, but if you need any further information, or require a sample – give us a call on 0131 447 1165 or pop into see us and let us help you!


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