How to Choose a Decoration Method for your Promotional Clothing

There are numerous promotional merchandise and clothing products out there which are becoming more and more popular due to the success it can give your brand. It is a simple and cost effective way to ensure successful continuous marketing. Knowledge on the products available to you is essential. The print method for these products vary and it is important to get the best method for your brand.

Here are most popular decoration methods:

Screen Printing. This process can also be known as silk screening. This process moves ink through a mesh screen and will be masked in the parts no ink is required. The product is then sent through a conveyor belt through a heat tunnel to dry the ink. Screen printed designs last for a good length of time and wash well. This is the best process for large designs. It produces a top quality finish and will ensure your logo is accurately replicated. Screen printing will allow you to print one colour at any one time. A different screen is used for every printing colour so the more colours in your design, the more screen charges may incur. This print method is ideal for almost anything especially products such as bags and t-shirt.


Embroidery. This is a more traditional method which uses needle and thread or yarn and is completed by machines. This process is especially appropriate for smaller designs and will replicate your logo. The more stitches used per square inch the better the replication. There are many colours available and embroidery can add an attractive texture to your product. There is even 3D embroidery available on certain products now. Embroidery is also long lasting. This method is ideal for polo shirts, fleeces, caps, sweatshirts, jackets and many more products.


Digital Transfer. This is a heat sealed method which uses measured heat and pressure to bond a design onto fabric. It is a good option for lower run quantities. It is also a lower cost option but may not last as long as embroidery or screen printing. It has a faster lead time. It is the most cost effective way to print multiple colours. Your design is printed onto a piece of material and is then stuck on your product. This method is one of the newest on the market and is becoming more and more popular. It is suitable for almost any item especially bags, t-shirts and caps.


Dye – sublimation. This method is a digital printing method and is extremely versatile. This process is when sublimated dyes are printed on to a transfer medium with a specifically prepared inkjet printer. These dyes are then transferred from this to the product using measured heat and pressure. This is suitable for full colour designs and has a long lasting, high quality effect. It can also be printed all over the product, from edge to edge. This printing method has a slightly longer lead time than the other methods available. This method is suitable for caps, lanyards, mugs and many more products.


Accessories. There are many different extras you can add to your products to make them more unique to your brand. These can range from labels, bagging, fulfilment, warehousing and delivery.


These methods are only a selection of decoration methods available, there are vast options out there. All you need to do is chat to us to find out more information. Would you like to find out what your most suitable print method would be? Speak to our experts today.


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