Card Shield Protectors

Data theft

Recent consumer and scientific studies (Forbes, New Scientist, Wikipedia)have highlighted the ease with which personal information can be skimmed, or ‘ePickpocketed’, from RFID enabled cards and biometric, or ePassports.

Scientific studies by the University of Surrey have proven contactless cards can be communicated with a a distance of 90 cm using relatively simple radio frequency antenna.

What to Offer.

Your company Business Cards – for the first time in the market, we can offer a solution that makes your Business Card one that will be seen every day and not thrown away or placed in a dark drawer or holder. You can make the your company

Business Cards from The VB Card Shield and provide an executive class, must keep, must use Business Card, that will ensure that prospective and existing clients,customers and working partners, always carry the brand of the company and will always be reminded that you are available to help.