Building an Impacting Promotional Campaign:Part 1

Building an Impacting Promotional Campaign:Part 1


Branded merchandise is an extremely powerful tool in achieving your business goals. However, to truly make an impact for your brand with your promotional activities there are many elements to consider before pushing forward. To help you get the most out of your promotional campaigns we have put together a brief guide. With these factors and questions in mind, you will be able to deliver a knockout campaign that will enable you to punch harder than your competitors.


What is the Objective?


This should always be the first step when it comes to planning any promotional activity. Ask yourself ‘What am I trying to achieve?’. Are you looking to support and strengthen your corporate identity? Are you trying to raise brand recognition? Is the aim to retain your clients? Perhaps you are looking for another means to drive website traffic? Whatever your objective, nail it down and keep it in mind at all times. This will inform the direction and execution of your campaign.


Think Thematically


By thinking thematically, you will discover a solution that is right and relevant for your brand. Think about the message you are sending the target audience. Ask what products fit with that message and the nature of your business. If the core of your business is IT solutions, bespoke mouse mats with wrist rests could draw attention to how you can help your clients. A brewery looking to get their products into more bars could send out branded bar blade bottle openers. Promotional merchandise is also an opportunity to show that you understand your clients and their business. Think thematically and find the focus of your campaign.


Know Your Audience


Defining and understanding your target audience is essential if your activity is going to be a success. Put yourself in their shoes and think about the problems they face daily. By knowing them inside out and looking at things from their perspective you will arrive at an idea that will demonstrate your knowledge of their business. Knowing your audience’s business is a must if they are going to take notice of yours.


How are You Going to Deliver?


You should always plan in advance how you are going to get your product to the target audience. Planning your distribution is key and can help you to avoid wasting your precious budget by missing the mark. Make sure you are delivering your promotion to the right people and through the most efficient means. Room drop, direct mail, whatever your delivery plan you should always consider: time, place and ease of access to your audience.