Building an Impacting Promotional Campaign: Part 2

Set a Budget


By defining and making your budget clear from the beginning you and your promotional partner will have a smooth start. They will know what can and cannot be achieved. A small budget does not mean that your campaign will not go off with a bang. With the right idea and strategy, you can hit the mark no matter the spend. As we say, nothing stimulates creativity like a good constraint.



You’re Valuable and You Show It


A promotional campaign is a way for you to show your clients and prospective clients your worth. It should make the added value that you bring to them highly apparent and push them into giving you their business. Think about how the products and campaign can represent your service offerings powerfully and effectively.


Quality Speaks for Your Brand


As with any service or product the cheapest option is not always the right one. A promotional campaign represents your brand. It might be the first interaction with a potential client. A wise idea is to check out company testimonials as part of your research.


Other key considerations are design and logo management. Not all suppliers will have the means to deliver high-quality versions of your logo or scale them to fit any purpose. Poor quality image representation is often a result of a lack of capability in this area.  Make sure your promotional product speaks for the quality of your brand.



What Supplier Should You Choose?


Think about what supplier will present your brand in the best light and provide the most benefits. What value will you gain from the partnership and who will make the most impact. There are many factors that you should way up. Some examples are: range of products, supply network, turnaround time, design functions and capabilities, location and ease of communication.


By following and considering all of these elements you will be well on your way to creating that impactful and sale generating promotional campaign.



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