My bag as a university student

I know you’re only meant to talk about your main bag for this, but I’m cheating a little because there are four bags I consider absolutely essential to every week at university: My shopping tote My backpack My gym bag My handbag My Shopping Tote I have to admit that if you were really going to make me choose just one bag to carry around for the rest of my life it would be the tote. They’re so versatile and fold up small enough to fit in your pocket when you’re not using them so they don’t get in the way! I always carry one with me when I go out, just in case, because while I mostly use it to do my grocery shopping or carry my laundry to the laundrette (I pop it in with the clothes just to make sure it doesn’t pick up that old socks smell) you never know when you’re going to buy emergency shoes or take out more library books than your backpack can handle. My Backpack This is my kitchen sink bag. I definitely overload it a bit, but I try to make up for it by wearing both straps like a nerd, so at least I won’t be a nerd with back problems. I’ve got: My laptop Notebook and folder for handouts At least three library books depending on what essay I’m working on Water bottle, lunch box and, once the coffee’s all finished, my travel mug Hoody Small first aid kit (I admit it, I’m the mum friend) Six pens, all of which will be hiding in the bottom of... read more

3 Things Your Holdall Bag Says About You

  Holdall bags are typically very large. They can be made from fabric or leather, they usually have two handles and sometimes even have wheels! These bags have a number of benefits and uses. They are ideal for people with active lifestyles due to the large amount of space for carrying goods. Using a holdall bag can give a number of hints to your personality and lifestyle; we have listed a few of these below. First and foremost, users of this style of bag are more than likely to be sporty. This could mean frequent trips to the gym or participating in a sport such as hockey, football or swimming. These bags are probably most well-known for being used at the gym or sports trips. To see them, all you need to do is take a trip to your local gym and look around – more or less everyone there will have some sort of holdall with them. Or if you’re in a sports team, just look at the number of people who bring a holdall to training. These bags are popular with sporty people because they’re spacious inside, so you can carry equipment and clothes with ease. Since these bags usually have two thick handles, they are strong too, meaning they won’t fray easily when presented with weighty goods. If you frequently use a holdall bag, you might also be someone who travels on a regular basis. In addition to making great sports bags, they also make great travelling bags – perhaps for short trips or as hand luggage on a plane. If you’re going on a weekend... read more

My bag as a commuter

If you’re going to survive a regular commute, you absolutely have to become an expert at planning your journey. I don’t just mean your route, though obviously that’s important too, and you need to have alternatives mapped out in case of cancellations and unscheduled maintenance that can ruin your journey.   No, by ‘journey planning’ what I mean is collecting together the things you need to make your commute bearable so you go into work still refreshed and not actively homicidal. I like to have my breakfast on the train because it gives me a little extra time in bed, especially as I have one of those timer coffee makers. All I have to do is roll out of bed, fill my travel mug and grab a cereal bar and I’m on my way (alright, I also shower first). Once the coffee is all gone, the mug just gets shoved into my bag to be forgotten about until the next morning when I’m desperately trying to find it and the cycle repeats itself. Always make sure you’ve actually finished the coffee first, it sounds obvious but sleepy mistakes happen and then you’ve ruined your bag. I always bring a book as well, and an MP3 player with headphones is absolutely necessary if you want to avoid making polite conversation with total strangers before you’re even properly awake. I have a friend who just brings headphones (she can’t afford an MP3 player) and tucks the end into her pocket, and she says it works just as well as the real thing. Once every couple of months I have to fly... read more

4 Things Your Leather(esque) Bag Says About You

The importance of branding really came to light into the 20th century, and some great bag designers emerged along with it. Designers such as Hermes, Louise Vuitton, Gucci and Prada became famous for their timeless leather pieces – desired goods in almost anyone’s wardrobe. As beautiful as they may be, these leather bags come with price tags that only the wealthy amongst us can afford. However, today’s market offers a number of great alternatives for a more affordable price. If you’re willing to lose the designer label, there’s loads of fantastic leather and leather look alike bags in a variety of styles that you can pick up. Since it is a unique material, leather is an acquired taste – not everyone will like leather bags, some may prefer cotton or suede. However, we think a you can tell a lot about someone from the bag they carry and here’s what we think a leather bag says about you… Classy Now clearly we must consider that different colours and styles of leather bag, do promote different messages therefore not all traits mentioned may not be applicable to everyone’s personality. Take for example, a black leather tote bag – the first trait I associate with this is class. Pair this with a nice jacket, and you’ve got a timeless, sophisticated look (which will be hard for anyone to put a price on).   Professional Leather bags could also suggest that you’re a professional in the business industry. To see this, all you need to do is hop on a bus or train during rush hour and simply look at the number... read more

My bag as a young professional

I think having a good, professional-looking bag is really important. It’s hard enough to get people to take you seriously at this age so a smart, polished look is essential. I use my bag as the finishing touch on my look, it has to be the right size – large enough I’m obviously not just carrying a glorified makeup case, but not so large I look messy or disorganized. My current work bag is a black laptop case that doubles as a file case, so any important papers I have to take to and from the office stay neat and unwrinkled. I do actually keep my makeup kit in there though. I tend to apply it on the train while I’m drinking my coffee and rereading my notes for the day. You could say I’m a bit of a perfectionist but I think it’s better to be over- than under-prepared. Actually, I don’t think there’s any such thing as being over-prepared, but I know that’s a matter of opinion. I’ve also got a comb in here, and a manicure kit as well as well, in case I break a nail; it doesn’t take much to make you look like a slob, and I refuse to let a hangnail or windswept hair give clients a poor impression of me or the company. Depending on the day I might have an entire lunch packed in here, though I sometimes have business lunches or eat with the other girls from my floor instead. I do always bring a tub of almonds and another of cut up fruit though, I find if I... read more

5 Things Your Tote Says About You

5 Things Your Tote Says About You If you’ve had a chance to check out our page on ‘Tote Bags’, you’ll be able to see that these bags can be traced a while back. The term ‘tote’ first came about in the 17th century; meaning ‘to carry’ and by the 19th century, it’s no surprise that people had started using this to describe their bags. Since then, the popularity of tote bags has grown, with them being a common favourite amongst consumers. There’ s a lot which can be said about these bags, but what do these bags say about you? Artistic Well, if you’re someone who favours a tote chances are that you’re a very artistic person. The large surface area totes provide present you with a canvas for your creativity, to brand it with whatever design, colours, patterns, logos, slogans and so forth; you wish. Since totes are often made of cotton or polyester, they are easy to print on, so your colours will be vibrant and stand out. Practical Totes also suggest that you have an element of practicality in your personality. Totes are light to carry, but multi-functional and spacious inside. Whether you are looking to go food shopping, carry university books or even go for a day out- these bags can hold a variety of items. The beauty of totes is that they are one of the few bags, you can carry within a bag! So if you’re on the move, simply pop your tote inside your handbag and take out for use as and when required. Hygienic If you carry a tote, you’re... read more

The Pros of Promotional Products Over other Types of Advertising

There is absolutely no doubting the fact that promotional clothing is a highly effective method of advertising and can work wonders for your brand. Advertising is all about gaining attention for your product, service, brand or a cause and there are a number of outlets available to do this. You can advertise on the television, radio, newspaper, magazine, social media, mailing people or through the giveaway of promotional products. Here we look at some of the pros of using promotional products, over other methods of advertising! Customisation Pretty much any product you see in your day to day life; from pens, to phone cases to ponchos, can be used as a promotional product for your advertising campaign. This means that you can choose and customize your products appropriate to the demographics of the market you are targeting. For example, if you were trying to organise a club night for students; branded knitting needles are not likely to grab their attention, but branded vest tops, or glow sticks would as they are suited to a much younger generation. Exploit your power of choice and give your customers something that will appeal to them! Long Lasting The effects of promotional products are long lasting in comparison to many other types of advertising medium. 58% of people will keep a promotional product from anywhere between one and four years! Think about how much they could be advertising your brand in that time? Even if they use your t-shirt, notebook, or mug once per week, that’s 52 occasions per year which they could be passing tens, hundreds or even thousands of people representing... read more

Our top 5 Picks for Conference Bag Giveaways!

Have you ever attended a conference that you thought was brilliant and then received a promotional bag at the end which let down the event? Or, have you ever been a conference where you’ve been bored out your mind and then proceeded to have the whole day topped off with useless giveaways? Perhaps you’re someone who has had to host a conference and been clueless as to what to fill the giveaway bags with. Regardless, I’m sure these issues have affected all of us at some point. In this article, we’re going to be telling you a few of our favourite picks to fill your conference bags with and the reasons why! So, if you’re someone who is in any doubt about this, read on and hopefully we can help! #1- Earphones Firstly, if you’re going to fill your conference bag with anything, you need to make sure it’s going to be useful to your user. This brings us to our first suggested giveaway, earphones. Over 4.6 billion mobile phone users alone in the world and looking at the broader world of the gadgets- tablets, smart watches and so on- there’s over 7.2billion in world, which is more than the population of earth! Since pretty much every phone, tablet, computer and even smart watches have a headphone connection, earphones are the perfect promotional giveaway and you can guarantee they’ll go to good use! Whether you’re looking to keep it simple with silicon, or make more of a statement with metallic or coloured ones, at Brand Impact there’s over 50 to choose from, starting from just £1! #2-USB We won’t repeat... read more

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