We deliver on brand, on budget, on time


Our mission is to continue to unlock the power of branded merchandising for customers and offer them fantastic returns on their investments.

We love to be challenged and we always push ourselves to deliver more. A challenge is an opportunity to use the tools that we have at our disposal: 30 years of experience in branded merchandising, a global network of trusted suppliers and access to over 95,000 ethically sourced promotional products. All the while, we remain competitive on price without sacrificing quality.


We have delivered for clients operating in a huge range of sectors including: the food & drink industry, leisure, entertainment, sports, local government, education and the arts. Just to name a few.


Our desire, going forward, is to work even more closely with our clients, to understand their businesses better, to offer them more value and to create genuinely mutually beneficial outcomes and success. We treat your brand as if it was our own and when we work together; we are in it together. For the journey and not just for the job.


We know that time is always of the essence for our clients and strive to relieve the pressures of ordering at every turn. We are constantly looking to optimise and simplify our processes.

Our new reordering service provides you with a fast, frictionless and secure way to get your jobs done. The comfort of knowing your order is in safe hands is only ever a few clicks away.

Technology is letting us make customers lives’ easier and we will continue to move with the times and the needs of our clients.

We remain the same trusted partner who you know will deliver on brand, on budget and on time.

Best regards,

Brand Impact Merchandising