ABCs of Making Purchasing Decisions: Part 2

C is for Comfort


We all feel safer within the confines of our comfort zone. The risk we feel when moving outside of them can make it difficult to push forward and discover new opportunities. It is important that we acknowledge the power they hold over us and find ways to challenge them.


There are simple ways we can learn to push outside of our comforts zones:


  1. From infants, we have naturally pushed outside of our comforts zones. It is something that, as adults, can be retrained. Simply understanding where you are in your comforts zone when making decisions is the first step. This requires personal reflection.


  1. Remember the mind is more powerful than the body. The mind will give up long before the body does. It holds a huge amount of power over us. We can learn to go beyond our safe place by considering what decisions are in our comfort zone and asking ourselves, ‘What is that next step?’. Little by little, we can move forward and into more exciting and profitable territory.



D is for Decisions


The decisions we make determine our personal success and that of our business. They are key to our ability to move forward, to challenge ourselves and to discover greater ways to profit. Understanding why we make decisions is incredibly important as a powerful tool for development.


Some key takeaways are:


  1. Focus on the things that are important.


  1. Be aware of biases and how they are influencing your decision making.


  1. Question where you are in your comfort zone.


Understanding the role our subconscious plays in our decision allows us to take our businesses to new places and avoid being stuck in the norm.



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