5 Tips for Buying Promotional Clothing


It goes without saying that promotional clothing can be a fantastic way to spread your brand name and attract leads for sales. However, in order to maximise the effectiveness your message will have- it is important to buy the piece of promotional clothing to best represent your brand and crucially, appeal to your audience. But fear not, we’ve got you covered top tips for buying promotional clothing  to help you get the most out of your purchase.

#1 – Logo

This may seem simple, but it is something that can be easily forgotten in the excitement of buying promotional clothing. You must, must, must take your brand logo into consideration when deciding the type of clothing to purchase. If you’re brand logo is large, it’s going to be best on a t shirt or sweater, where it is clear and visible to the public. If you have to significantly shrink your logo to put on an item of clothing, then this is probably not the best item to choose to represent your brand. If people are struggling to see what is being advertised, it’s unlikely they are going to go out of their way to get closer to take a look. These are potential future consumers, so make sure your logo is bold, clear and easy for the eyes to digest.

#2 – Style

It’s important to make sure that the style of garment you are choosing, is a true representation to how you want people to view your business and also appropriate for your target audience. For example, if you’re an over 60’s knitting club looking to gain more members, you wouldn’t give away fluorescent baseball caps as this is not going to attract the audience you’re aiming for. Giving away knitted scarfs or gloves, with your club logo, would be a much truer representation of who you are and much more suited to your audience.

#3 – Balance

When it comes to information to include on your item of clothing, getting the balance right plays a key part. You need to make sure not to over clutter the garment with information, as this will likely throw off potential clientele (too much information to digest could leave them confused or uncertain about who you are and what you do). On the other hand, it’s important that your garment includes at least one clear contact detail- such as a telephone number or email address. This makes it easy for people to take a quick note of this, so that they can get in touch for further information. Giving consumers this option to make the first point of contact, builds the stepping stone for a future relationship to develop.

#4 – Colour

Make sure the colour of the garment links to your company colours. Especially if you’re already a well-established company, this allows the consumers to make an easy link or brand recall to you. For example, you wouldn’t catch Asda handing out orange clothing giveaways, because this is a colour that is not associated with them and is more likely to make people think of easy jet or Sainsbury’s. On the other hand, if you’re a new business starting up, keeping the clothing colours consistent with your company colours i.e. website, logo, office, uniforms etc. promotes a sense of consistency, which in turn will evoke a good first impression with potential clients as it looks professional.

#5 – Quantity

The last of our tips for buying promotional clothing comes back to quantity.  Consider how many people you’re targeting your campaign at? Or how many people are expected to turn out for an event. We recommend ordering slightly more than the number of people your planning to give the item out to. This means that if more people show up to an event, you’re not left OKfeeling awkward cause you’ve ran out of giveaways. Conversely, if there’s a lower turnout than expected- it’s more than likely that you can keep the items to reuse them at another event, or if that’s not an alternative, even giving them out to staff as a reward or to boost morale is a great use for any leftover items.

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