5 Things Your Tote Says About You


5 Things Your Tote Says About You

If you’ve had a chance to check out our page on ‘Tote Bags’, you’ll be able to see that these bags can be traced a while back.

The term ‘tote’ first came about in the 17th century; meaning ‘to carry’ and by the 19th century, it’s no surprise that people had started using this to describe their bags. Since then, the popularity of tote bags has grown, with them being a common favourite amongst consumers.

There’ s a lot which can be said about these bags, but what do these bags say about you?


Well, if you’re someone who favours a tote chances are that you’re a very artistic person.

The large surface area totes provide present you with a canvas for your creativity, to brand it with whatever design, colours, patterns, logos, slogans and so forth; you wish.

Since totes are often made of cotton or polyester, they are easy to print on, so your colours will be vibrant and stand out.


Totes also suggest that you have an element of practicality in your personality.

Totes are light to carry, but multi-functional and spacious inside. Whether you are looking to go food shopping, carry university books or even go for a day out- these bags can hold a variety of items.

The beauty of totes is that they are one of the few bags, you can carry within a bag! So if you’re on the move, simply pop your tote inside your handbag and take out for use as and when required.


If you carry a tote, you’re probably a pretty hygienic person.

One of the major bonuses of totes over other styles of bag, they are easy to wash- simply put them in the machine on a low temp wash and they’ll come out looking and smelling, clean.

Whilst other bags such as leather and briefcases are great, a definite drawback is that you can’t clean them as well as a tote. If you put a leather bag into the wash, it would not only damage the bag- but probably your washing machine too!

Environmentally Friendly      

Tote bags are a great way of showing you care for the environment.

With loads of recycled tote bags on the market to choose from, you can get yourself a practical, stylish bag; without compromising on quality or harming the environment.

If you take a tote with you to do your shopping, this cuts back on the need to buy plastic bags which also demonstrates care for the environment.

Appreciate Value for Money

Lastly, if totes are your ‘go to’ bag- you’re probably someone who likes getting value for money.

Totes are highly durable and long lasting- unlike plastic bags which tear easily. Whether you’re carrying groceries, books or sportswear- totes provide the depth and strength to transport your goods, time and time again without breaking.

Just like a lot of things- tote bags are not something of miracles, so they won’t last forever; but even with daily or weekly use they are likely to last a good few years.

So that concludes what we think your tote bag says about you. But what do you think your tote bag says about you? Is there anything you would add or remove from our list? We’d love to hear your thoughts, so if you care to share or would simply like more information about the tote bags that we do.

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