5 Ideas for Promotional Merchandise and Other Popular Giveaways

There is no doubting the fact that promotional merchandise is a great option for giveaways. It allows you to provide people with useful gifts, all whilst working wonders for your brand. In terms of merchandise and other giveaways, the list of items to choose from is endless, so whether you’re on a large or small budget, looking for something simple or something bold, amongst the thousands of items we stock- you can guarantee there’s something to suit your needs. If promotional merchandise doesn’t appeal to you, promotional clothing is a great alternative, to help you gain maximum brand exposure.



As far as promotional clothing goes, t-shirts never really go wrong! Everyone needs some t-shirts in their wardrobe. Even if you’re not someone who’d wear a t-shirt to go shopping or for a day out, they’re ideal for many other activities such as going to the gym or participating in sport, which is why pretty much anyone can make use of a t-shirt. As someone who loves a baggy t-shirt, I remember I was given a black Heineken top with their logo on it in white. Now, although I’ll admit I didn’t wear this top as a part of a dressy outfit, I did use it to do the grocery shopping, wash the car, go on runs, go the gym and so on. Think how many people I would have passed with Heineken’s top on; hundreds, maybe thousands? And that’s just me, 1 person! So you can only imagine the reach this promotional campaign would have had with a bigger crowd.


The great thing about ‘hats’ as a promotional giveaway, is that they can be used in sync with the seasons. By this I mean, you can give away Baseball caps in the summer when the weather is warm, but come the winter when it is cold, you can change this to Beanie hats. One of the main reasons consumers will keep promotional gifts is if they find them useful. If you want to make people keep your gift, this is exactly what you need to do- make it useful to them. No one wants a baseball cap in winter, that won’t keep anyone’s head warm- but a cosy, woolly beanie hat would. Take advantage of the seasons, who says that the rain and snow need to be bad?


Having an umbrella to hand (especially when you live in Scotland) can be extremely useful. There’s a variety to choose from- larger umbrellas, or smaller handbag sized, folding ones. The large surface area that umbrellas provide to work with mean that there’s enough space to make an eye-catching creative design that stands out, whilst making it informative with a contact telephone number and website. Umbrellas can (and are) used by virtually anyone and everyone, which makes them a great choice of giveaway.


If promotional clothing doesn’t appeal to you, then why not consider merchandise? Merchandise can be just as effective when used as part of a promotional campaign and just as useful to the consumer! One example of a great giveaway is USB’s. Whilst technology is very advanced and extremely reliable nowadays, having a back-up copy of your important files is advisable, so that if your system crashes you don’t need to worry about work being lost. These come in a variety of different colours, styles and so on, so you can choose the one which you feel best represents you as a brand. If you’re a new, fun, quirky company a ‘twister’ USB could be well suited to your style, whereas an older, well established ‘by the book’ type company may wish to go for a more basic design.

Travel Mugs

Sticking with the promotional merchandise theme, travel mugs are another great idea for giveaways. They can help make a boring commute a lot more enjoyable, allowing you to enjoy a hot tea or coffee on the way to work, without the fear of spilling it! They’re also an eco-friendly and cost-efficient giveaway as they can be used again and again and again. Whereas if you’re buying a coffee on the move every day, this uses up your time, money and does no favours for the environment. Due to their practicality, easy use and eco-friendliness, these types of gifts are received well.

Whilst we highly recommend all of these products as promotional giveaways, please understand that this list is not prescriptive. At the end of the day, you need to choose the type of promotional item which will be best suited to your brand and the audience you are aiming to attract. If you would like any more advice on these, or any of the other products we supply don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0131 447 1165 and one of our experts would be happy to help!

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