5 Fun Promotional Merchandise Ideas for Universities

Looking to advertise at fresher’s week? Or simply looking for innovative ideas for Marketing to University students? Look no further, we have listed our top 5 promotional merchandise ideas for Universities, that we think students will love.

#1- Trolley Coin Keyring


For many students, starting University means they are perhaps moving away from home and into student accommodation. This means the weekly food shop will no longer be the job of Mum and Dad, but will be up to them! The Trolley Coin Keyring is the perfect giveaway for this reason. Simply pop it onto your set of keys and off you go! As a student myself, I know that I seldom carry change with me and pay everything by card. Getting to Asda to do a big food shop and realising I have no change for the trolley is a common occurrence, so I’ll usually end up struggling my way round with a basket. This keyring eliminates this problem and this is why I guarantee students would love it. It’s a great way to advertise your company because they will be using their keys at some point every day and whenever they do go to use them, your trolley coin keyring will be a useful reminder of who you are! Ideal gift.

#2- Twister USB Flashdrive


Students will be faced with an endless amount of projects, essays, assignments and so on. A USB is a University must have. They allow you to safely store your work and carry this with you, so that if you need to do a presentation or make any changes- all you need to do is find the nearest computer or laptop and with the USB handy, you’ll be able to access and amend all of your work. The ‘twister’ function on this USB makes it fun and trendy, the days of clunky and outdated USB’s are over. Put a new ‘Twist’ on University life with this giveaway! Again, as this will be used on a frequent basis, paired with the right logo and contact details this is a great reminder of your brand.

#3-Thermal Mug


Whilst pretty much every University has a café on site, (some of us are even luck enough to have a Starbucks!) as soon as you realise how much money you have spent in your first few months, the novelty of buying a coffee everyday soon wears off and thermal mugs will become your new best friend. If you buy a tall Americano (that’s the smallest one) from Starbucks everyday it’s £2. Over the course of the week that amounts to £14, and if you do that for whole semester in Uni (15 weeks, give or take a couple) that’s £210. £210 on coffee, ludicrous. This is why a thermal mug is a great gift for students. Once they realise how expensive it is to buy a coffee every day, they will make a coffee before they leave in the morning to carry with them for the day. When you think about how many students are enrolled in Universities and how many you would walk past each day, there are potentially hundreds of people who could notice your brand on the mug who could then become business leads. Thermal mugs come in a range of colours and styles, making them a fun, trendy and useful giveaway.

#4-Tote Bag


With a vast array of colours, styles and materials, Totes are an easy way to provide a fun giveaway. Many students will have to carry a number of folders, books and so forth every day, so have a spare bag to carry those extra library books, or even to carry sports gear for a club or society will come in useful. Due to their lightweight material most totes are washing machine friendly, so even if you do want to carry old trainers, or dusty books in the bag, this won’t be an issue. Since Tote Bags generally have a wide surface area to work with, you can usually print your logo fairly big making it easily recognisable, as well as an email or telephone number so people can phone you. Tote bags aren’t too expensive either, so these are a very cost efficient way of marketing your brand.

#5- Bottle Opener


These come in all different colours and varieties i.e. on keyrings or as a part of a magnet. It’s no secret that student life is often accompanied by lots of drinking, through attending parties, pre-drinks and nights out with friends. Again, for this reason, a bottle opener is a practical gift, that will definitely be used. Picking an opener with a large surface area to display your logo clearly is advisable, or even picking one of the keyring or magnetic ones as they will be viewed by more people than a bottle opener that is kept in the utensils drawer.  So why not be original and promote your brand with a bottle opener? We think students will love it!

So there you have it, our top 5 fun giveaways for Universities. Perfect for open days or marketing campaigns and perfect for student life! If you require any more information on any of our products or would just like some advice, give us a call on 0131 447 1165 and let us help you, help your brand.


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