4 Things Your Leather(esque) Bag Says About You


The importance of branding really came to light into the 20th century, and some great bag designers emerged along with it.

Designers such as Hermes, Louise Vuitton, Gucci and Prada became famous for their timeless leather pieces – desired goods in almost anyone’s wardrobe.

As beautiful as they may be, these leather bags come with price tags that only the wealthy amongst us can afford. However, today’s market offers a number of great alternatives for a more affordable price.

If you’re willing to lose the designer label, there’s loads of fantastic leather and leather look alike bags in a variety of styles that you can pick up.

Since it is a unique material, leather is an acquired taste – not everyone will like leather bags, some may prefer cotton or suede. However, we think a you can tell a lot about someone from the bag they carry and here’s what we think a leather bag says about you…



Now clearly we must consider that different colours and styles of leather bag, do promote different messages therefore not all traits mentioned may not be applicable to everyone’s personality.

Take for example, a black leather tote bag – the first trait I associate with this is class. Pair this with a nice jacket, and you’ve got a timeless, sophisticated look (which will be hard for anyone to put a price on).




Leather bags could also suggest that you’re a professional in the business industry.

To see this, all you need to do is hop on a bus or train during rush hour and simply look at the number of people dressed in suits, carrying leather bags on the way to their office jobs. These are not all women either – ‘man-bags’ are common too, many young male professionals will carry messenger style leather bags.




Similarly, a leather bag could suggest that you are ambitious.

If you’re someone who aspires to be a professional in the business world, you may start to dress yourself for this prior to attaining it. For example, I always take a black leather bag to job interviews, paired with a smart suit to make me appear professional.

I’m by no means saying a job interview is only based on how you dress, but it cannot be denied that appearance is a contributing factor. If I walked in for a business interview with a pink fluffy bag and someone else walked in with a smart leather/leather look bag, they are a lot more likely to get the job than me.




Thinking about a leather/leather look bag which is a bit brighter and bolder in colour, this suggests that you may be quite a daring person.

For example, a cherry red leather look bag isn’t subtle; it’s a bag people will stop and stare at in the street. This shows that you’re not afraid to be different and daring with your fashion, or perhaps even life choices. You are happy for the ‘limelight’ to be on you and enjoy to stand out from the crowd, in a stylish manner.

As well as being a great fashion accessory, leather bags can really help you express elements of your personality, depending on your choice of colour and style. Do you have a favourite leather bag? What do you think it says about you? If you’d like to share some information and a picture of your favourite bag, we’d love to read your story.

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