10 Popular Ideas for Promotional Merchandise Giveaways

Promotional Merchandise is a great way to promote your brand and support your marketing campaign. Depending on your target audience and the message you want get out there determines what type of merchandise will be right for your company. There are numerous options of different products out there which will be attractive to your target audience and your budget.

Here are our top 10 ideas for promotional merchandise giveaways:


There is a very extensive range of pens to choose from. The best way to choose a pen would be to know


your target audience, have a budget and choose what suits your brand. Pens are an ideal way to hand out your branding. They are small, have a long shelf life and are useful. The range of hands a pen goes through can be large. Think about the number of times you come home with a different pen from work. Pens can reach people you aren’t even trying to reach.

Mug/Travel Mug

Whether it be giveaways or a gift. There are china, thermal, heat changing and many more mugs. Mugs and travel mugs are a perfect option and offer a generous branding area including full colour photo finish. Mugs get high exposure, especially in a work environment, they are useful and have longevity.

Tote Bags

These have always been a popular choice when it comes to giveaways. They are low in cost, very useful and have great branding options. Now that the government laws are in place to charge for bags they are even more useful and much better for the environment.



These are a practical and attractive piece of promotional merchandise. A vast range from paper, hard back, leather, imitation leather and many more types of notebooks available, all in different sizes and with attractive branding options.


These are a tasty, fun giveaway for all ages whether it be family events or corporate events. There is a huge variety of sweets available with great branding options to accommodate low budgets.



There are a variety of colours available along with several branding options. T-shirts can offer maximum visibility as they are usually worn and can reach audiences from all over.


These are a useful and practical giveaway. They come in a range of different styles and colours. They are ideal for all events and you can pretty much guarantee that your audience will hold onto a bottle after receiving one.



These can be low cost, useful giveaways. There are many options when it comes to keyrings. They can be low cost giveaways or a more premium gift. They come with many uses such as trolley coins, tread gauge, handy loops, key fobs, bottle openers and many more. They all offer superb branding options and can even be made into your own personalised shape.

Mouse mat

They offer a large branding area and are everlasting. They are low cost and a very useful product which will always be noticed especially in an office environment.


These are a relatively new promotional giveaway and are trendy and useful. They are high-tech and are available in different colours, shapes and gift boxes available. Your brand is guaranteed to get a boost with these as giveaways.

So here we have it, the top 10 most popular promotional merchandise products to promote your brand and increase the success of your marketing campaign. There unlimited options available to suit your brand and marketing needs along with your budget. You can make them exciting and practical all with longevity. Let our experts help you to find your top promotional product.


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