Tote Bags

There are a number of user and brand benefits associated with tote bags, which is one of the many reasons they make a great promotional giveaway.

Tote bags generally have a large holding capacity, however, in saying this they are actually very lightweight and easy to transport. The term tote which means “to carry” can be traced back to the 17th century, but was not used to describe bags until the 1900’s. Totes are also now commonly referred to as “Cotton shoppers” or “canvas bags”. Whatever you choose to call them, through the years, these bags have become a loved style amongst consumers and we totally understand why!

First off, there’s a wide range of designs, styles, designs and fabrics to choose from. You can even help the environment through buying eco-friendly, recycled totes. Also, as totes are not too expensive to buy, if you’re launching a promotional campaign- you can give someone a great giveaway without having to break the bank or pay ridiculous amounts to advertising agencies.

Since totes are multi-functional, the recipient will be able to wear and use the tote for pretty much anything. They can choose to carry it as a fashion accessory, or perhaps they will just use it to do their shopping; but whichever way they choose to use it- they’ll be advertising your brand.

Unlike some other, chunky bags, totes are super easy to carry! Most totes have really long handles which means they can easily fit over the users’ shoulder without any discomfort. In addition to this, as most tote bags are made from soft fabrics- they can usually be folded and carried in your pocket or bag, for later use in the day, so even if the recipient doesn’t need it in the morning- they can easily keep it for use in the afternoon.

As a business, if you use promotional totes as a method of promotion; there’s a very high chances you’ll raise company awareness. Since the recipients of the promotional gift will be using the tote, in some way, shape or form, providing that it is clearly branded with your company name, logo and contact details- it will be noticed by people who were not previously aware of you and your services, who could potentially turn into new customers.

Promotional totes create brand advocates. Those who you have given away the tote to, are essentially advertising your brand free of charge (minus the initial cost of the bag). Why pay excoriate amounts to an advertising agency, when you can create your own army of advertisers for nothing?

If you think a tote bag could be the answer to your promotional needs, give us a call or pop into our showroom and we’d be happy to give you more information. We have a large number of tote bags in stock, in a variety of styles and prices; so whether your budget is humble or huge- we can help out!