Global Sourcing

With all it entails, global sourcing can seem like an insurmountable task that few would ever dare to take on.

Throughout the world it is commonly regarded as an intense, high-pressure position that few would think of actively pursuing without good reason.  However, our capable staff are able to use our abundant resources to increase our presence not only in the Far East where profits can be of great importance, but also throughout Europe to provide our clients with a very distinctive advantage that can gain you both notoriety and a wider client base that can build, maintain, or even expand your business.

With our help we can take your brand to new heights based on your designs and our ability to take them to the next level.

When it comes to dealing with production the process can seem quite imposing, but this is where we excel and where your worries can be abated when we describe the process and what we are here to do for you. We draw upon our experience when it comes to dealing with such countries as China and have great confidence in our team and our methods. Through superior communication, negotiating skills, and continual assessments that are meant to increase productivity it is possible for us to serve you, the client, in a much more efficient manner.


It can be quite difficult and even taxing to try and deal with a stubborn Chinese factory, and negotiating your way through a Chinese Trading Company can be a headache waiting to happen.

Entering such an environment in order to assure that quality control is being maintained even as production deadlines are being met can be highly stressful, and being quoted a “Western” price only adds to the frustration.

Working through our offices that are located in both China and the UK we have managed to develop a suitable and superior infrastructure. This has enabled us to source and manufacture anything that is needed or desired from only those suppliers we find to be reputable and capable of meeting such demands.

We work with the absolute best in the business to push your brand as much as we can, and accept no substitutes when it comes to making certain that you are given the best effort possible. In this manner we are able to meet the high market demands that are continually changing and can produce high quality product that is delivered on time and can be provided at the most competitive prices.

Added to this, our quality control team brings a critical eye to the manufacturing process, making good and certain that the original brief is adhered to as much as possible and that deviation is little to non-existent.

Our expert quality control experts possess a great deal of experience in making certain that factory standards are met and the integrity of the process is upheld to legal and company standards.

The quality of your product is important to us, and so is your business, so we will do what we must to insure that your product concept is continuously and faithfully upheld in order to bring you the most high quality service you deserve.

Our close attention to detail is how we plan to keep your business and that of others for many years to come. It is important to us that you understand our commitment to your hard work and dedication to your brand. You can feel secure knowing that your product design and your brand are safe in our capable hands.

Don’t forget, we’re not just a supplier, we’re also your manufacturing partner.

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