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New 2018 2019 Catalogue Available

Our new catalogue is now available this should be a valuable resource for any brand manager 166 pages of products covering pens & pencils to Travel and bags and everything in between Contact us for your free... read more

What to look out for in choosing Tote Bags for your Brand Promotion

There are many ways to build your business brand and promote your business for visibility to the target audience. One of these methods is the use of promotional tote bags. This promotional item means has been used in the past but seems to gather more popularity in these recent times. Business is not just making a profit by the owners but making a profit as well as also ensuring that the customers are satisfied. Business is socially responsible to the host community which can also be the customer. Tote bags which are beautifully designed are good promotional gift items which companies can give to individuals or their target audience. They serve as both gifts and promotional items for brand building and promotion. As you are also aware, today, the world is much concerned about the environment where we live in, and we have today fully embraced gift items which are eco-friendly. Designer tote bags are one of these green things that are eco-friendly which have recorded significant success in modern-day brand promotion and awareness. One advantage of these promotional tote bags is that they are recyclable, reusable and they are eco-friendly and gradually used as better options to the plastic bags which are currently on the face out. Even if the tote bag have several benefits like attracting, capturing your audience mind and arousing their interests, there are many things you need to consider to choose the best custom tote bags that can best sell your products and promote your brand name and image. However, we have to put cost effectiveness into consideration during this hard period. Not all... read more

Promotional Umbrellas – An offer for Real Marketing Value

We cannot talk about promotional give away items that offer businesses real marketing value without mentioning Promotional Umbrellas. They are useful and durable. And there are no better promotional items than branded umbrellas. No one uses promotional umbrellas just for protection from the rain and sun, but because of the promotional advantages, they offer. It is not just easy to derive these advantages from any promotional umbrella. The key to recording success by any promotional umbrella is uniqueness, customization and also selecting the right personalized umbrellas with a well-printed umbrella with a logo that will stand out from your competitor. The use of custom printed umbrellas as gift item serves dual purposes, to the business, it serves as a promotional item, and to the user, it is a protective shield, this is why the majority of people want umbrella as it will be used for a long time. We all know the importance of an umbrella – protects against the sun and rain. You are also aware of the variable wet weather that can cause nuisance, and your business can assist people with custom printed umbrellas or corporate umbrellas. One thing you should look out for when choosing the type of custom printed umbrellas is color, select a bright color that will be different and also stand out from the usual black umbrellas for exposure and maximum impact. Moreover, you will need to be more creative with colors and materials. Your promotional umbrellas need to be strong enough to withstand the rain, sun, snow and wind. The quality of your custom umbrella should reflect your company reputation and image,... read more

Promotional Mugs – A new way to build Brand

One of the best ways of promoting your brand awareness today is the use of promotional mugs. They have become interestingly popular in enhancing your brand awareness in the midst of your competitors and a large number of target audience. Companies use different platforms to give away freely these promotional items the potential customers to gain more visibility. This is an Ideal way of making your customers and others remember your product, services and your brand. Among the many promotional items today, promotional mugs are cost effective and very useful promotional gift items to consider. They will help to sell your business by increasing your brand’s visibility in the eyes of the teaming audience. In this competitive business era, personalised mugs are considered excellent gift option and also promotional items. Promotional mugs came in different promotional forms, shapes and designed purposely made to sell the image of the business. They come in the form of custom coffee mugs or personalized coffee mugs. Whichever name you call them; they are still promotional coffee mugs given out by business owners to create their brand awareness. Also, you can even customize them by imprinting the name of the company and the logo. It can be designed according to specification. One good reason for the use of Promotional Mugs is that they have proven to be more visible than any other promotional items like pens, mouse mats, shoes, key-holders and umbrellas and balls Commonly, most office goers and coffee drinkers prefer to use custom coffee mugs for their coffee drink before the start of work. Those who are in dear love with tea,... read more

What exactly is promotional merchandise?

Promotional merchandise At Brand Impact, we are driven by the ambition of helping brands punch harder and enjoy fantastic results in terms of increased customer patronisation and a betterbottom-line. While there are many contributory factors to a business’ success, we find marketing to be the biggest drivers of success. We also find that companies tend to enjoy greater marketing success when they use promotional merchandise. What exactly is promotional merchandise? Wikipedia defines promotional merchandise as products that are branded with a logo or slogan and given away in marketing and communication programsto promote a company, corporate image, brand, or event. These products are sometimes nicknamed swag or schwag. These corporate merchandise can include items such as T shirts, calendars and diaries, cups and mugs, keyholders and keyrings, backpacks, pens and pencils, USB memory stocks, umbrellas etc. Making the case for corporate promotional items The benefits of using corporate promotional itemsto promote a corporate organisation are infinite, especially if you are a small business with a limited budget for marketing. Even big businesses who are leading their market niche can use promotional gifts as an economical and versatile way to augment their existing marketing plans. First, corporate gifts deliver a better cost per impression than any other kind of media. The cost outlay is infinitely smaller when compared to other more traditional forms of advertising such as TV, radio, newspaper and bill board ads.If you are working with a tight budget, you will want the biggest bang for your dollar. This kind of marketing also makes for a more targeted advertisement. While newspaper, bill board, TV and radio ads can... read more

My bag as a university student

I know you’re only meant to talk about your main bag for this, but I’m cheating a little because there are four bags I consider absolutely essential to every week at university: My shopping tote My backpack My gym bag My handbag My Shopping Tote I have to admit that if you were really going to make me choose just one bag to carry around for the rest of my life it would be the tote. They’re so versatile and fold up small enough to fit in your pocket when you’re not using them so they don’t get in the way! I always carry one with me when I go out, just in case, because while I mostly use it to do my grocery shopping or carry my laundry to the laundrette (I pop it in with the clothes just to make sure it doesn’t pick up that old socks smell) you never know when you’re going to buy emergency shoes or take out more library books than your backpack can handle. My Backpack This is my kitchen sink bag. I definitely overload it a bit, but I try to make up for it by wearing both straps like a nerd, so at least I won’t be a nerd with back problems. I’ve got: My laptop Notebook and folder for handouts At least three library books depending on what essay I’m working on Water bottle, lunch box and, once the coffee’s all finished, my travel mug Hoody Small first aid kit (I admit it, I’m the mum friend) Six pens, all of which will be hiding in the bottom of... read more

3 Things Your Holdall Bag Says About You

  Holdall bags are typically very large. They can be made from fabric or leather, they usually have two handles and sometimes even have wheels! These bags have a number of benefits and uses. They are ideal for people with active lifestyles due to the large amount of space for carrying goods. Using a holdall bag can give a number of hints to your personality and lifestyle; we have listed a few of these below. First and foremost, users of this style of bag are more than likely to be sporty. This could mean frequent trips to the gym or participating in a sport such as hockey, football or swimming. These bags are probably most well-known for being used at the gym or sports trips. To see them, all you need to do is take a trip to your local gym and look around – more or less everyone there will have some sort of holdall with them. Or if you’re in a sports team, just look at the number of people who bring a holdall to training. These bags are popular with sporty people because they’re spacious inside, so you can carry equipment and clothes with ease. Since these bags usually have two thick handles, they are strong too, meaning they won’t fray easily when presented with weighty goods. If you frequently use a holdall bag, you might also be someone who travels on a regular basis. In addition to making great sports bags, they also make great travelling bags – perhaps for short trips or as hand luggage on a plane. If you’re going on a weekend... read more
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