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Promotional Mugs – A new way to build Brand

One of the best ways of promoting your brand awareness today is the use of promotional mugs. They have become interestingly popular in enhancing your brand awareness in the midst of your competitors and a large number of target audience. Companies use different...

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What exactly is promotional merchandise?

Promotional merchandise At Brand Impact, we are driven by the ambition of helping brands punch harder and enjoy fantastic results in terms of increased customer patronisation and a betterbottom-line. While there are many contributory factors to a business’ success, we...

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What Does Your Retro Bag Say About You?

In terms of their shape, retro bags are similar (or identical!) to messenger bags. They are also rectangular, but are more often made from leather/leather look materials than fabric. Retro bags are often distinguished by their bright colours and logos, whereas...

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My bag as a university student

I know you’re only meant to talk about your main bag for this, but I’m cheating a little because there are four bags I consider absolutely essential to every week at university: My shopping tote My backpack My gym bag My handbag My Shopping Tote I have to admit that...

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3 Things Your Holdall Bag Says About You

  Holdall bags are typically very large. They can be made from fabric or leather, they usually have two handles and sometimes even have wheels! These bags have a number of benefits and uses. They are ideal for people with active lifestyles due to the large amount...

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My bag as a commuter

If you’re going to survive a regular commute, you absolutely have to become an expert at planning your journey. I don’t just mean your route, though obviously that’s important too, and you need to have alternatives mapped out in case of cancellations and unscheduled...

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4 Things Your Leather(esque) Bag Says About You

The importance of branding really came to light into the 20th century, and some great bag designers emerged along with it. Designers such as Hermes, Louise Vuitton, Gucci and Prada became famous for their timeless leather pieces – desired goods in almost anyone’s...

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